Acapella La Campanella Alto MK II
Цена: 69995 лв. с ДДС
Производител: Acapella Audioarts



Acapella LaCampanella Alto MK II In the constant effort in pursuing true and authentic sound reproduction Acapella has developed the LaCampanella Alto MKII using the technology based on the successful LaCampanella. With the inclusion of a second bass unit a symmetrical wide range and highly effective sound stage is achieved.

Due to the horn shape, reproduction of the resulting Acoustic spatial images radiate with inconceivable precision, this can be appreciated when listening to large Orchestras and Big Bands. The diffraction effects and space resonance problems are reduced to a minimum. Interactions with the various room acoustics become symmetrical especially with the low frequency ranges. The reproduced frequency spectra achieve a homogeneous single point-exact spatial image.

The special shaping of the horn allows a usable range of 5 Octaves. This technology, invented by Acapella, makes possible the theoretical ideal of a acoustic single point emitter very close to reality. Within the range of 700 Hz to over 20 kHz the Acapella LaCampanella Alto MKII combines the medium high Hyper spherical horn together with 8 very fast Bass drivers, achieves an acoustic single point image, the result is an extremely precise three-dimensional audible reproduction.

With the high impulse speed of the specially designed components the LaCampanella Alto MKII reproduces even smallest single instruments or voices which until now could only be heard only from the large Acapella systems.

With the LaCampanella Alto MKII all the positive characteristics of a 2-Way System are achieved with the impressive abundance of a high power Loudspeaker. In addition the new LaCampanella Alto MKII has increased efficiency contributing to the use of low powered Tube amplifiers.




Frequency Response: 20Hz to 40kHZ

Efficiency: 95 dB/1W/1m

Power Handling: 100 watts (Peak handling of 1000 watts at 10 ms with no distortion)

Recommended power output of the amplifier: 15 watts

Dimensions: 88" x 16" x 27" (HxWxD)

Weight: 352 lbs. per speaker


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