Cyrus Audio CD 6 SE
Цена: 2499 лв. с ДДС за 1 брой
Производител: Cyrus Audio


The CD 6 SE2 uses our custom designed disc reading engine Servo Evolution, which was developed to help our flagship CD player to gather maximum data from the disc. This means that this player delivers outstanding sound quality and detail which out-performs its peers.

This much loved CD player hosts a high-grade toroidal transformer with two separate secondary windings, and includes 11 stages of power regulation to provide the best environment for the sensitive analogue stages to work in.

This CD player benefits from our advanced Servo Evolution technology, power supply technology, and 24-bit digital to analogue converter. This engineering ensures the CD 6 SE2 provides ruler-flat linearity performance, exceptionally low background noise and superb jitter rejection.

Many of these high quality components and engineering techniques trickle down from our range topping CD players, putting the CD 6 SE₂ ahead of its peers and meaning that this is by far our best sounding CD player at this price point.


As with all of our products, the CD 6 SE2 can be connected to our other systems via our unique MC-Bus connectivity.

Outputs – dual stereo audio, SPDIF optical

Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm

Weight – 4.1kg


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