Cyrus Audio 8 Qx DAC
Цена: 4095 лв. с ДДС
Производител: Cyrus Audio


Our best integrated amplifier and DAC provides pure audiophile performance.

The Cyrus 8 Qx DAC is the highest performance integrated amplifier within the Cyrus range and uses a fantastic DAC card to convert digital sources to analogue without any mistakes or lost details.

Comprising our very best components including one of the best DAC processes available, the Cyrus Qx DAC is an audiophile integrated amplifier and DAC. It produces fantastic clarity and depth in recordings, and the on-board DAC means you can use it in conjunction with just about any source.

The amplification stage of the Cyrus 8 Qx DAC uses the same technology as the multi award winning Cyrus 8a. Along with this is our Qx DAC module which uses an advanced digital to analogue converter, its own regulated power supply and carefully engineered circuitry to ensure the output is high in detail and accuracy.

This advanced DAC upsamples all digital sources to 192 kHz resolution and provides a multitude of sonic benefits including improved timing, smoother treble definition, wider sound staging and more tuneful bass.

Together, these elements form a powerful and dynamic integrated amplifier which can fill two rooms of your home with stunning resolution and Cyrus’s award winning tuning.


Inputs – 6 analogue, 2 electrical SPDIF, 2 optical SPDIF + 1 USB (Computer slave input)

Power - 350VA transformer

Output power – 115W into 4 Ohms; 70W into 8 Ohms

Outputs – Zone 2, preamp out, headphone, bi-wire loudspeakers

Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm

Weight – 6.9kg


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