Usher CP-8871 diamond
Цена: 32099 лв. с ДДС
Производител: Usher


The Dancer CP-8871 is the flagship model of the Dancer Series and a true testament to Usher's legendary design and craftsmanship. Usher Audio speakers and electronics are built for the experienced listener who won't compromise on sound quality even at moderate prices. The CP-8871--with its dual 8-inch woofers--is ideal for larger rooms. It's 3-way design includes a Be 1.25-inch Diamond DMD tweeter, 7-inch paper cone midrange and twin 8-inch carbon-impregnated paper-cone woofers. The speed and clarity produce a suave, powerful, transparent and engaging sound from beautifully crafted and lustrously finished cabinets made with leading-edge components at very affordable real-world prices. The front baffle alone is a full 2.5-inch thick on this time-aligned but value-conscious beauty. The CP-8871s are as accomplished with two channels as they are in surround applications. In our experience, they're excellent on high-output tube amplifiers, but are best suited with solid state amplification for better low-end control and dynamics.

3-way system
    BE dome tweeter 1.25" (9980-20BeA), mid-low woofer 7" (8948A), and  low-bass woofer 8"x2 (8955A)

    90 dB @ 1 watt / 1m

Nominal impedance
    4 ohms

Frequency response (-3 dB)
    25 Hz ~ 40 kHz

Power handling
    150 watts

Crossover frequencies
    276 Hz and 2.72 kHz

    106 Kgs (including base)

Dimensions (w x d x h)
    31.5 cm x 85.1 cm x 136.9 cm


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