Audio Physic AVANTI V
Цена: 19699 лв. с ДДС
Производител: Audio Physic


Avanti! Forward! Let’s go! Whether it is Italian fans cheering their red formula 1 race cars or Tifosi, Italian football fans displaying utter passion for their national team - when everything is at stake the rallying cry is Avanti! However there is more to Avanti than simply the notion of moving forward. It also stands for a progressive way of life as well as passion, motivation and progress. Audio Physic recognised the name for what it symbolises and gave it to a revolutionary loudspeaker, first introduced in 1989 and featuring an all-new design concept. The Audio Physic AVANTI was the first loudspeaker to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenge of matching a rich and full bass response with a slim cabinet. Due to the woofers being arrayed on each side of the cabinet, the loudspeaker could be fitted with large drivers and yet keep a narrow baffle design which would otherwise only be possible with two-way compact speakers. The elegantly slim cabinet added aesthetic appeal as well as provided excellent dispersion characteristics. Reflections in the mid-to-high frequencies, usually associated with wide baffle constructions, finally became a thing of the past, even in large and mature floor standing loudspeakers. The new concept was then embraced by many manufacturers. Today there are quite a number of large loudspeakers which follow in the footsteps of the AVANTI.



1110 mm / 43.7"


240 mm / 9.4"


420 mm / 16.5"

Required Space Width x Depth

330x500 mm / 13x19.7"


40 kg

Recommended amplifier power  

40-250 W


4 Ohm

Frequency range

28 Hz - 40 kHz


89 dB



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