Pass Labs X350.5
Цена: 26995 лв. с ДДС за 1 брой
Производител: Pass Labs


The most powerful stereo amplifier in the X.5 series, the X350.5 brings more spatial development and detail than with any of the smaller X.5 series product to the reproduction of music. Capable of exposing very subtle tonal shading in recordings.


The workhorse stereo Class A/B amplifier from Pass Laboratories.


Посочената цена е за бройка.


Gain (db): 26

Power Output /ch (8 ohm): 350

Power Output /ch (4 ohm): 700

Input Impedance,(Kohms): 30 / 20

Leaves Class A @ pk Watts: 40

Power Consumption (W): 600

Dimensions (W x H x D): 19 x 11.2 x 22.5

Unit Weight (LBS): 132

Ship Weight (LBS): 132

Ship Weight (LBS): 150


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