Moon W 5.3 RS
Цена: 16389 лв. с ДДС за 1 брой
Производител: Moon

  • A “no overall feedback” design resulting in genuine real-time amplification, a more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality, virtually non-existent intermodulation distortion and the elimination of common phase errors resulting from feedback
  • An oversized power supply
  • Custom proprietary toroidal transformer design with lower magnetic, electrical and thermal loss, yielding an improved power transfer and lower regulation factor. The result is increased current speed and better dynamics
  • Balanced circuitry up to the output stage
  • Class A output to 5 watts for greater efficiency
  • Precision matched Bipolar output devices which offer superb linearity throughout the entire audio frequency spectrum
  • A high damping factor yielding superior musical dynamics, improved signal speed and refined timbre accuracy
  • A very short capacitor-free signal path for a faster transient response
  • Accurate matching of the very finest high quality electronic components
  • PCB w/ pure copper tracings & gold plating that yields low impedance characteristics
  • Stable to any known speaker impedance
  • Extremely rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
  • A symmetrical circuit design
  • Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance
  • Low operating temperature to ensure a longer than normal life expectancy.

2 x 150W / 8ohm, 2 x 300W / 4ohm


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