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“McIntosh wants to be the music behind all of life’s special moments.
When you are enjoying everything that is around you, Family, Home, Friends…
McIntosh wants to be a part of it, providing the ultimate enjoyment, the best experience that you can have.”


Charlie Randall, President

The McIntosh performance, quality and design have entranced music and audio enthusiasts over generations. When you purchase a McIntosh, you and your friends and family will experience music in the way it was meant to be heard.

  • 1949 McIntosh Laboratories, Inc. was incorporated. The McIntosh 50W1 launched, the first truly “high fidelity” audio amplifier. Patent granted for the Unity Coupled Circuit which produced the lowest distortion over the widest bandwidth.
  • 1957 MR55, the first McIntosh Tuner is launched, one year after the company factory moved to Binghamton, NY.
  • 1969 McIntosh powered Woodstock, one of the most pivotal moments in popular music history.
  • 1970 McIntosh launched first loudspeakers.
  • 1974 McIntosh “Wall of Sound” powered the Grateful Dead Concert Tour with 28,800 watts.
  • 1980 Anechoic chamber sound room is built in McIntosh speaker testing facilities.
  • 1992 Car Audio is introduced.
  • 2002 McIntosh Harley Davidson Riser Mount Radio was crafted.
  • 2003 Ford 100th Anniversary GT installed McIntosh Audio System.
  • 2005 McIntosh Launches the “Reference System” and rocks the industry at the Consumer Electronics Show.
  • The Reference System became the pinnacle of audio excellence in the industry and was conceived and created under the direction of President Charlie Randall.
  • 2009 McIntosh celebrated its 60th Anniversary with commemorative products.

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