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Hi-fi - аудио/видео и домашно кино

McIntosh MVP 871
13 999,00 лв.
Cyrus Audio CD Xt Signature
An audiophile CD player (transport) using advanced disc reading technology. The best we’ve ever made. Based on ...
4 095,00 лв.
mbl C31
14 599,00 лв.
Moon CD 5,3 RS X
The MOON CD5.3 disc player is the perfect companion source component for either the MOON i5.3 Integrated Amplifier ...
10 995,00 лв.
Cyrus Audio CDXTSE 230V QUARTZ
The new Cyrus CD Xt SE transport is distinguished by the addition of two letters printed in white on silver on its ...
2 999,00 лв.
mbl C11
13 899,00 лв.
Wadia 581 iSE
One of the best CD source components available, or one of the best Digital to Analog converters available? The ...
26 819,00 лв.
Burmester 061 CD Player
The 061 is a top loader with a direct-drive turntable. With its MMI slot, which makes it possible to attach other ...
17 599,00 лв.
Prima Luna ProLogue Classic CD Player
The ProLogue Eight is now the ProLogue Classic CD Player! Super I/V op amp board is now standard. Revolutions are ...
7 399,00 лв.
mbl 1431 CD-Player
Nothing was sacrificed in making the mbl 1431 CD player . Build from the ground up this CD player was designed for ...
7 745,00 лв.
McIntosh MCD301
The new McIntosh MCD301 SACD/CD Player delivers breathtaking fidelity from both standard compact discs and SACD’s, ...
11 999,00 лв.
Rega Saturn
Listed below are new features found exclusively in the Saturn Two parallel connected Wolfson WM8740 dual ...
2 370,00 лв.
Xindak Muse 1,0
MUSE 1.0 CD player adopts the lateset digital chip of Philips and exact clock circuit which can reduce the ...
1 195,00 лв.
Xindak C09 CD-Player
C09 is an ARC style CD-Player released by Xindak, which adopts 24Bit/192KHz decoding way. With improved ...
1 965,00 лв.
Burmester 102 CD Player
The direct drive Classic Line 102 CD player contains a maximum-quality, high- end D/A converter that displays all ...
9 289,00 лв.
BelCanto e.One CD2
The shortest path to sonic purity. The CD2 provides uncompromising playback of your treasured CD collection. Using ...
6 999,00 лв.
Xindak C06 CD-Player
C06 is a design and acoustic match to the A06 amplifier. Together they provide a clear and highly detailed sound ...
765,00 лв.
McIntosh MCD500
MCD500 SACD/CD Player with Digital Inputs combines exceptional sound quality and flexibility with a unique parallel ...
16 429,00 лв.
McIntosh MCD1000
McIntosh MCD1000 CD Transport Specifications Digital Output Format: IEC958, S/PDIF. Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz / ...
19 999,00 лв.
Burmester 089 CD-Player
The Top Line 089 belt-drive CD player combines a number of new features with the familiar Reference Line ...
32 999,00 лв.
Bryston BCD-1 CD Player
BCD-1 CD Player The Bryston BCD-1 is a high end, high quality, state of the art Redbook CD player that is designed ...
6 795,00 лв.
Cyrus Audio CD 6 SE
The CD 6 SE2 uses our custom designed disc reading engine Servo Evolution, which was developed to help our flagship ...
2 499,00 лв.
Xindak MUSE Deluxe 1.0 CD Player
Muse Deluxe 1.0 (07 version) is an modified product basing on previous Muse Deluxe 1.0. The outlook design, laser ...
1 865,00 лв.
Cyrus Discmaster 8.0 - DVD Player
Higher Definition DVD players are two a penny these days but not all players are created equal! The latest ...
2 215,00 лв.
Xindak Muse 2,0
MUSE 2.0 Laser player adopts the latest digital chip of Philips and exact clock circuit which can reduce the ...
1 319,00 лв.
MBL 1521 A CD Transport
With this CD transport, we have succeeded in setting a new standard for CD playback. You can expect a music ...
21 199,00 лв.
MBL 1622 - SACD Transport
MBL 1622 - CD Transport: unsurpassed marriage of art and technology, MBL’s 1622 Reference CD Transport sounds like ...
49 299,00 лв.
MBL 1531 CD-Player
MBL’s digital playback components are known to surprise first time listeners. For those accustomed to the rather ...
22 795,00 лв.
Cyrus Audio CD t
An audiophile CD transport widely seen as the best CD transport in its class. This entry level CD player offers the ...
1 520,00 лв.
Wadia 581 SE
23 299,00 лв.
Moon Andromeda CD Player
The MOON Andromeda CD Player is a fully-balanced differential design, representing the next generation of MOON ...
42 245,00 лв.
Xindak MUSE SE CD Player
Muse SE is the CD-Player which is especially designed for XA6800SE. The front panel is 18mm walnut panel inlaid a ...
1 799,00 лв.

Hi-fi - аудио/видео и домашно кино

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