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McIntosh MX121
The MX121 home theater processor is the control hub of some of the finest home theater systems in the world. An ...
15 999,00 лв.
Bryston SP3
SP3 Surround Processor / Preamplifier The Bryston SP3 is designed to be a superb surround sound processor which ...
22 999,00 лв.
McIntosh MX151
The very best in music and film presentation - that's what you get with the MX151. Featuring the latest in HDMI ...
31 999,00 лв.
Burmester 007 Surround Processor
The goal of the development process was to build a processor that made no compromises when it came to sound quality ...
61 199,00 лв.
Burmester Surround Processor 087
The Surround Processor 087 is the latest multi-channel component from the Burmester manufacture. Large amounts of ...
16 869,00 лв.
Burmester 057 Surround Processor
Five years after Burmester Audiosysteme had begun to make its mark in the world of Surround with the 007 Surround ...
28 289,00 лв.
Anthem D2v 3D
The D2v 3D pushes the boundaries on what you expect from music and home theater performance. With the unparalleled ...
22 295,00 лв.
Anthem AVM 40 Silver
Highlights: - Three zones with independent audio and video selection - Multiple playback modes can be assigned to ...
9 399,00 лв.
McIntosh MEN220
Delivers a potent suite of Room Correction, Custom-EQ and 2-Way Crossover capabilities in one easy-to-use stereo ...
11 999,00 лв.
Cyrus AV Master
Adding a new AV Master to your stereo system brings the latest digital surround sound technology to your home. We ...
2 489,00 лв.
Предусилвател-процесор Halcro SSP-100
18 000,00 лв.


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