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Paradigm Millenia 20 LCR
Sophisticated State-of-the-Art Paradigm Reference Technology Millenia™ speakers offer sophisticated ...
1 359,00 лв.
Usher X-708
The X Series personifies Usher's commitment to outstanding value no-compromise performance at real-world prices. ...
2 959,00 лв.
Duevel BELLA LUNA diamante
Imagine your listening room as an open field. It is late at night. The “Beautiful Moon” shines down upon you as ...
19 995,00 лв.
Usher X-616
The X-616 is Usher's top-of-the-line center channel speaker, specifically designed and tuned for home theaters. ...
1 999,00 лв.
Paradigm Cinema ADP
350,00 лв.
Paradigm CI Home H65R
395,00 лв.
Hansen Audio The Knight 2
Exquisite in form and sound. Delicate and visceral, with perfect balance and harmony. THE KNIGHT 2 is a three ...
42 995,00 лв.
Waterfall Niagara
The new Niagara is an imposing Diamond Glass tower of sound. The unique design offers exceptional sound quality, as ...
54 999,00 лв.
Paradigm Cinema 220
The basic LCR speaker, useful in applications where space it at an absolute premium or in a simple bedroom surround ...
585,00 лв.
Paradigm Millenia 30 LCR
Sophisticated State-of-the-Art Paradigm Reference Technology Millenia™ speakers offer sophisticated ...
1 999,00 лв.
Hansen The Prince V2
Exquisite in form and sound. Authoritative, powerful and delicate when called upon, THE PRINCE V2 was created with ...
73 400,00 лв.
Paradigm CI Home H65-IW
395,00 лв.
Paradigm Cinema CC - Centre Channel
350,00 лв.
Paradigm Rock Monitor 80 SM
Not Your Garden-Variety Design! These high-performance single-speaker systems provide two channels of L/R sound ...
1 055,00 лв.
Burmester Ambience BA 71
Burmester Ambience BA 71 е тонколона създадена за истински аудио почитатели, които ценят впечатляващата музикалност ...
74 650,00 лв.
Burmester S8 Subwoofer
Burmester’s mighty S8 subwoofer is a kind of “bass factory” in the home theatre setup. Even if the sound is at ...
24 069,00 лв.
Usher N-6361
4 579,00 лв.
Paradigm ADP 390
1 175,00 лв.
Usher BE-616
The Arrival of the fantastic usher Be 616 brings to the discerning user the option of partnering a great stereo ...
4 649,00 лв.
MBL 101 X-treme
445 999,00 лв.
Paradigm AMS-250
Step up to superior high-frequency response, exceptional midrange clarity and definition and even better bass ...
709,00 лв.
Usher S-525
The S-525 Center Channel is the perfect accompaniment to the S-520 mini-monitors. It shares the same polypropylene ...
999,00 лв.
Paradigm Monitor Center 1 v7
Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day. Neither Was Monitor. It took three emperors and 15 years to build Rome’s ...
899,00 лв.
Paradigm Signature S8 v.3
For the Ultimate in Music and Home Theater The finest speakers in the world are a medium for the music, an open ...
10 559,00 лв.
Paradigm BX-LCR 3
900,00 лв.
Paradigm Studio 20 v.5
G-PAL™ Gold-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Domes. Exceptionally rigid low-mass domes with treated textile suspensions ...
1 759,00 лв.
MBL 111 F Hybrid
Regardless of the type of music you prefer – our patented radial-beam principle is the guarantee for your total ...
75 595,00 лв.
Paradigm PV-50R
Behind Every Good Speaker … lies a good design! While many in-wall / in-ceiling speakers may look good, ...
195,00 лв.
Paradigm Millenia 3.0 System
A Music and HT System Designed to Deliver Multiple OH’s! We’re glad you’re thinkin’ about ...
1 995,00 лв.
Usher CP-777 diamond
An unusually handsome speaker beloved by many design-conscious music lovers, the CP-777 continues its legacy into ...
20 189,00 лв.
Paradigm Signature S1
Ultra-Compact Lifestyle Models How do you achieve the performance caliber of Paradigm Reference Signature in such ...
2 819,00 лв.
Duevel Planets Glossy Black
The Planets are a small floorstanding omni-directional loudspeaker as are all in the Duevel product line. Don't let ...
3 469,00 лв.


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