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Pro-Ject MaiA
MaiA (My audiophile integrated Amplifier): A new generation stereo amplifier with timeless design & ...
999,00 лв.
Moon 880M Power Amplifier
The MOON 880M Power Amplifier is a fully balanced differential mono design that effortlessly outputs 800 watts into ...
49 279,00 лв.
Prima Luna DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier
The bar has been raised... again. The DiaLogue Premium preamp is everything you love about the DiaLogue Three; and ...
7 395,00 лв.
Xindak XA-6800SE Integrated Amplifier
XA6800E is an integrated amplifier which is especially designed for affording you a music feast. The top grade ...
1 995,00 лв.
Prima Luna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amp
HP stands for High Power . . . and HeadPhones! When a replacement for the awe-inspiring DiaLogue One and DiaLogue ...
9 270,00 лв.
Moon W 5.3 RS
The MOON W5.3 balanced stereo power amplifier produces 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms and ...
16 389,00 лв.
Prima Luna ProLogue Seven Monoblock Amplifier
In addition, the ProLogue Seven comes specially equipped with the following upgrades: Upgraded Solen capacitors ...
4 225,00 лв.
Xindak XA8250 Pre-amplifier
XA8250 07 is a symmetry complementary double-difference pure Class A amplifier pre-amplifier with separate ...
1 819,00 лв.
Burmester 099 Preamp
Classic Line 099 Preamp Aim of the new Classic Line 099 Preamp is to take account of the growing popularity of ...
15 489,00 лв.
Lyngdorf Audio DPA-1 ADC RP
The DPA-1 is a true digital pre-amplifier from Lyngdorf Audio incorporating the innovative RoomPerfect™ room ...
8 659,00 лв.
Xindak XA6950 V Integrated Amplifier
XA6950 is a hybrid integrated amplifier. It integrates the characteristics for both solid-state amplifier and ...
1 895,00 лв.
Xindak XA8550 Power Amplifier
XA8550 power amplifier is designed especially for matching with XA3200MKII pre-amplifier. It is with high fidelity ...
1 159,00 лв.
Cyrus Audio X Power
High quality amplifier, switchable stereo or mono modes with huge amounts of power. The X Power can be used for ...
2 340,00 лв.
Burmester 909 MK5 Power Amplifier
Ever since 1990, the 909 stereo power amplifier has been the pinnacle of amplifier technology. All other Burmester ...
81 599,00 лв.
Xindak V30 Integrated Amplifier
Characters: * Adopt 12AX7(ECC83)*2, 6N8P(6SN7)*2 and KT88(6550)*4 Tubes to compose standard integrated amplifier; * ...
2 285,00 лв.
FiiO K5
Product Highlights Docks with X1, X3II, X5II, & X7 Players Expansion for Charging and Amplification Three Gain ...
310,00 лв.
JL Audio 450/4v2 Amplifier
450/4v2 4-channel Class-A/B System Amplifier. 150 W x 2 @ 1.5-4 Ω (CH 1&2) + 75 W x 2 @ 1.5-4 Ω (CH 3&4) Rated ...
1 849,00 лв.
Xindak XA3200MKII Pre-Amplifier
This tube pre-amplifier is specially designed for the experienced HIFI audiophile. Each channel with one 12AX7 and ...
1 159,00 лв.
NuForce MCH3SE Multichannel Amplifier
10 999,00 лв.
Moon 850P Preamplifier
The MOON 850P is the most advanced MOON preamplifier to date. Extensive research and development, coupled with ...
65 699,00 лв.
Prima Luna ProLogue Premium Stereo Power Amp
The highest rated stereo tube amp in its class just got better! By incorporating the best elements of the ...
5 395,00 лв.
Xindak PA-1(II) Stereo Power Amplifier
The new PA-1 Stereo power amplifier is upgraded on the PA-1 mono block amplifier, the peak output power can reach ...
Prima Luna ProLogue Classic Integrated Amp
The ProLogue Classic integrated amplifier is the latest version of PrimaLuna's first and most beloved member of our ...
4 099,00 лв.
Burmester 956 МК2  Power Amplifier
The 956 MK2 stereo device complements the Burmester family of amplifiers which has been accorded numerous ...
29 399,00 лв.
Moon 860A Power Amplifier
The MOON 860A Power Amplifier is a balanced differential dual-mono design that effortlessly outputs 200 watts into ...
32 849,00 лв.
NuForce Stereo 8.5 V2 Power Amplifier, silver
- 4 399,00 лв.
Stereo 8.5 V2 Per Channel Power/Load 8 ohm 4 ohm 2 ohm Peak Power (20 msec hold time) 288W 576W 1125W RMS Power ...
2 000,00 лв.6 399,00 лв.
Xindak XA6950 Integrated Amplifier
This unit adopts dual differential complementary symmetrical pushpull amplifying. FET (field effect transistor) is ...
1 895,00 лв.
Xindak V20 Integrated Amplifier
The Xindak V20 Integrated Tube Amplifier is based on a classic circuit design enhanced by the use of specially ...
1 965,00 лв.
Xindak XA6950(II) Integrated Amplifier
XA6950 is a hybrid integrated amplifier. It integrates the characteristics for both solid-state amplifier and ...
2 249,00 лв.
JL Audio 1000/1v2: Monoblock Class D Amplifie
1000/1v2 Monoblock Class D Subwoofer Amplifier, 1000 W x 1 @ 1.5-4 Ω This high-powered icon has made its mark over ...
2 455,00 лв.
Prima Luna ProLogue Five Stereo Power Amp
Want the ultimate? Classic Ultralinear all-tube sound, with all the body and glory that you could ask for, you will ...
4 225,00 лв.
Prima Luna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amp
The best integrated amp in its class just got better! By incorporating the best elements of the ...
5 339,00 лв.

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