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FiiO BL44 4.4mm
Let your enjoyment commence, Making the "sound" in "sound quality" In order to ensure the signals between your ...
19,00 лв.
FiiO LC-3.5AS
Standard MMCX connector 15.75 in (40 cm) in length
16,00 лв.
Replacement cables for balanced earphones Calling all balanced output enthusiasts The new RC-MMCXB adopts 2.5mm ...
69,00 лв.
Outstanding Craftsmanship The core of these three earphone cable upgrades consists of high-purity monocrystalline ...
59,00 лв.
FiiO L26
Compatible with FiiO X7 amplifier modules, AK players, etc... Connect your balanced headphones to 3.5mm stereo ...
16,00 лв.
RC-UE2B A tiny difference for a big Appearance. Replacement cable for balanced earphones Calling All Balanced ...
69,00 лв.
FiiO L21
Suitable for X3II/X5II/X5III/X7 and future Fiio models Gold-plated connectors for durable and robust connection and ...
16,00 лв.
FiiO L28
Coaxial cable for Fiio players and Q5 The L28 allows you to connect the Q5 and FiiO’s other players through ...
26,00 лв.
FiiO L16
Cable Type: Oyaide branded, all-Japanese interconnect Length: 2.2" / 5.59cm (not including connectors) Conductor: ...
26,00 лв.
Fiio RC-BT
RC-BT Bluetooth Cable Transform your wired headphones into wireless   Powerful Bluetooth core has the last ...
69,00 лв.
FiiO BL35
Enjoyment commences with the adapter at hand What if you have a 2.5mm plug but a 3.5mm jack? With the adapter BL35, ...
19,00 лв.
FiiO RC-78B
Calling All Balanced Output Enthusiasts Based on RC-WT1,the new RC-78B swaps the 3.5mm jack out for a 2.5mm 4-pole ...
69,00 лв.
FiiO i1
i1   Frequency Response diagram of curves Test condition:play -5 dB sinusoidal signal, Headphone output Green ...
99,00 лв.
High quality Lightning Headphone Cable, specially designed for use with devices that use Apple Lightning, such as ...
69,00 лв.
Auglamour КАБЕЛ AG1-BT
AG1-BT Bluetooth cable Color: Black Connector:MMCX/2PIN/RT-1 2PIN  Bluetooth version:ISSC 4.0 ...
109,00 лв.
43,99 лв.
Наушници Sennheiser OP - HD 35 TV
Наушници (1 чифт), подходящи за слушалки Sennheiser HD 30 TV, HD 35 TV, PX 20, PX 30, PX 40. Тегло: 2гр.
8,40 лв.

Аксесоари за слушалки

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