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Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker

Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker

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APLAY ONE is the new revolutionary portable and powerful speaker by VENZ with connectivity in four mode settings and beyond. APLAY ONE you easily connect by Bluetooth for direct playback from your smartphone or tablet. Secondly APLAY ONE works on a WiFi mode connecting it with the Free APLAY app which you run on your Android or iOS device and insert your APLAY ONE into the VENZ APLAY multi-room set up allowing you to stream over your own WiFi connection using streaming services as Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal, iHeartradio and making the APLAY ONE part of your multi-room set up with other connected devices using the Qplay/Linkplay based platform. The third mode you can select on your APLAY ONE is to playback music from a USB storage device connected to the USB 2.0 port on the back of the APLAY ONE speaker, MP3, WAV or FLAC tracks smoothly will be played on your APLAY ONE speaker. The fourth mode you will find on the APLAY ONE is the line in function which enables you to manually stream music using the digital buttons at the top of the speaker when you connect a device by using a 3.5mm jack cable inserted into the AUX IN port at the back of the APLAY ONE.

Other compatibility for music streaming
By DLNA you can find the APLAY ONE as compatible streaming device allowing you to stream services as Google Music, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Also APLAY ONE supports Airplay allowing you to stream music from iTunes and your iOS device playing directly on the APLAY ONE speaker.

APLAY ONE is yet another great VENZ product made by our strength as Venztech organisation where we design and develop APLAY ONE with our strong combination of Chinese development, production skills and our European design ideas. APLAY ONE fits easily into any decoration in any room. With its modern industrial look combining different materials with a strong built, black and dark grey colour combinations and the finishing touch by the thick dark brown leather carrying belt make APLAY ONE really fit into any interior design.

• Portable by rechargeable battery, 8 hours+ playback time
• Connect by WiFi in the Free VENZ APLAY multi-room setting
• Free VENZ APLAY multi-room app for Android & iOS available
• Bluetooth connection for direct playback from smartphone- or tablet
• Built-in WiFi/Support WiFi hotspot
• Support DLNA, Airplay, Qplay/Linkplay protocol
• Support cloud streaming service: Spotify, iHeartradio, TuneIn, TIDAL
• Support USB charging, playback & AUX (3.5mm jack) playback
• Automatic switch mode between USB- and AUX (3.5mm jack) playback
• Built-in passive radiator for more bass
• Distortion free sound at maximum volume

• Power output: 20W RMS
• Power supply: 5V/1.5A
• Signal to Noise Ratio: >85dB
• Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20kHz
• Rechargeable Lithium battery: 3.7V / 2200mAh
• Power output: 20W RMS
• Input ports: 1x USB 2.0, 1x AUX IN, Micro USB 5V charging port
• Strong built casing + 4 rubber feet for balanced positioning

Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker

Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker

159,00 лв. Изчерпана наличност
Стара цена:
Няма наличност
Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker
Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker
Aplay One WiFi Bluetooth speaker с отлично качество. Поръчайте лесно онлайн с 1 клик или на тел. ☎ 0882666660


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