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Clearaudio Ovation

Clearaudio Ovation

Other colour variations:
TT036: Silver with black chassis

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The main chassis consists of a complex sandwich of materials. Almost any commercially available 9-inch tonearm can
be fitted. (Turntable without tonearm and cartridge).

Within a precision-machined chassis comprising a sandwich of aluminium and panzerholz bulletproof wood, 100,000 tiny metal balls eliminate any possibility of harmful resonances. Hidden under a 40mm-thick platter made of resonancedamping POM is a very quiet decoupled DC motor with high torque.

With Clearaudio's optical speed control (OSC) and ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB), the Ovation achieves supreme speed stability and redefines the standards in its class. Audio journal 'The Absolute Sound' recognised the Ovation's superior qualities and declared it 'Turntable of the Year'.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Resonance–optimised body, bullet proof wood chassis in sandwich construction embedded between two aluminium plates
SPEED RANGES Electronic speed change
33 ⅓, 45 and 78 rpm
  • High torque DC motor exclusively made for Clearaudio; Optical Spped Control (OSC) in real time through infrared sensor
  • Decoupled DC motor in chassis; resonance damping device; flat belt-drive
BEARING Cut and polished ceramic shaft in a sintered bronze bushing, Clearaudio patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB)
PLATTER Synthetic material, CNC-precision milled surface, 40mm thickness / 1.57 inches
Aluminium subplatter
POWER CONSUMPTION Max. consumption: 8.6 Watt
Consumption in operation: 2.5 Watt
Standby mode: 2.5 Watt
Off mode: 0.0 Watt
TOTAL WEIGHT Approx. 13.5 kg
DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in inches) Approx. 16.54 x 13.78 x 5.31 (without tonearm)
DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in mm) Approx. 420 x 350 x 135 (without tonearm)
Clearaudio Ovation

Clearaudio Ovation

11 639,00 лв. Предварителна поръчка
Стара цена:
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Clearaudio Ovation
Clearaudio Ovation
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