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The Return of the Classic!


Open Earbuds with Large Dynamic Drivers
14.8mm large diameter dynamic driver

The EM3K / EM3S utilize NIB-based drivers of high magnetic flux and electroacoustic efficiency, combining advanced equipment with artistic tuning intent to guarantee the consistency of performance and musicality of output.

Sensitivity is high thanks to modern technology employed, while impedance stands at a well-chosen 47Ω to ensure that the EM3K / EM3S can be driven well from a wide range of amplifiers without compromising performance potential. 

The large drivers of 14.8mm diameter brings powerful bass, while the well-designed open-earbud form factor brings excellent soundstaging and realistic tone quality, preserving the authenticity of music to immerse you in the live music environment at any time and any place.


Durable PET diaphragm

14.8mm dynamic drivers

Easy to drive 

47Ω impedance








Comfortable wearing in exquisite design

The EM3K / EM3S only weigh 13.6g and the fit has been tested on numerous artificial and real ears to guarantee long- term wearing comfort and good acoustic coupling. Compared to the original EM3, the new EM3K / EM3S change to a more appealing design with UV shiny surface finish. Sheathed in tough TPE with strain reliefs, the EM3K / EM3S's earphone cables feature high elasticity and high tensile strength, which is tangle-proof and will not break easily when pulled by accident.

In-line remote and microphone on EM3S

The EM3S's built-in high quality microphone guarantees clear voice communication and saves you the embarrassment of unanswered phone calls while enjoying music. Also includes widely compatible single button in-line remote to enable you to control your smartphone and music at ease.

Note: The EM3S comes with in-line remote and microphone, while the EM3K doesn't. 

High-quality 3.5mm L-shaped gold-plated jack

The EM3K / EM3S come with a 3.5mm gold-plated headphone jack, with strain-relieved L-shaped design for convenient and durable portable usage.  High-quality gold-plated jack reduces transmission loss at the critical connection points and preserves the real sound.

Double quality assurance

Having manufactured for such leading brands as Denon, LG, Samsung and Skullcandy, the supplier of the EM3K / EM3S lends a complete supply chain, huge productivity advantage and precise manufacturing tolerances. Combined with FiiO's dedication to product quality, the EM3K / EM3S are set to become popular with its high quality and quantity.

Packaging and accessories


New packaging design, presents the EM3K / EM3S with style and clarity. 3 included pairs of thick, durable imported soft foam ear-sleeves increase wearing comfort for the long run.



25,00 лв. Изчерпана наличност
Стара цена:
Няма наличност
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