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FiiO RC-MMCXB  2.5mm Balanced Silver-plated Earphone Replacement Cable

2.5mm Balanced Silver-plated Earphone Replacement Cable

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Replacement cables for balanced earphones

Calling all balanced output enthusiasts

The new RC-MMCXB adopts 2.5mm 4-pole plug. With its separate Left/Right channel wires and separate +/- signal transfer, the RC-MMCXB enables balanced operation for your earphones. When connected to a balanced headphone amplifier (such as the Fiio AM3), RC-MMCXB can greatly enhance channel separation as well as markedly increase the signal to noise ratio. This results in a wider sound stage and more controlled, textured bass-perfect for balanced output enthusiasts.

(* Pinout diagram for 4-pole balanced earphones)

The details matter

The plug adopts the one-step CNC machining and precise grinding technology, together with the zircon sand blasting and anodizing processing method, which ensures a smooth and sleek hand feeling. Meanwhile, the 45°lines and FiiO red ring design not only gives it a beautiful look, but also increases the friction, making it easier for you to plug and unplug.

Stunning looks backed by impressive internals

The RC-MMCXB adopts PVR for the sheath and 6N oxygen-free silver-plated copper as the conductor.19 strands of silver-plated copper wires (each with a diameter>0.06mm) make up each of the 4 separate cables, which are well woven into one audio cable with separate wires for the Left/ Right channels. These premium choices of materials ensure the RC-MMCXB is highly elastic, tough against scrapes, and resistant to aging.
Conductor: 6N oxygen-free silver plated copper
Sheath: PVR
Knitting structure with 4 separate wires
Separate left/ right channels and ground wires for each channel.
19 wire strands for each separated wire (individual strand diameter>0.06mm)

Length: 120cm (excluding the plug) Diameter of conductor : 30AWG (Ф0.25mm) Diameter of conductor including outer skin: Ф1.2mm Diameter of cable: Ф2.5mm Impedance of single channel for headphone cable: 0.16Ω(1.2m) Suitable temperature: -80~100℃ High pressure resistance: 150V Diameter of contact pin: Standard MMCX connector 

Compatiable models:

Fiio F5/F7/F9;
Shure SE215/SE315/SE425/SE535/SE846;
JVC HA-FX850/HA-FX1200;
Westone W40/W50/W60/W80/UM10/UM20/UM30/UM50/AM10/AM20…



69,00 лв. В магазина
Стара цена:
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