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HIFIMAN HE-R10D Closed-Back Dynamic (W/ Bluetooth Dongle Package) Слушалки

HIFIMAN HE-R10D Closed-Back Dynamic (W/ Bluetooth Dongle Package) Слушалки

Closed-Back Dynamic version

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Closed-Back Dynamic version

(W/ Bluetooth Dongle Package)

The HIFIMAN HE-R10D is an incredibly light headphone. Despite being larger ear cups than usual, the headphone itself is extremely comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. The headband is large - and it does a great job with distributing the weight evenly and even lifting the pressure off the ear cups.

The exterior of the headband is made of all-natural lambskin, a material famous for being both soft and luxurious. The inside is high-grade memory-foam, selected to achieve the most comfortable fit and elasticity. The headband skeleton itself is made of solid steel. HIFIMAN's "Tranquility" ear pads feature high quality leather on the outside, which uses a ring-shaped inner surface to absorb sound and prevent sound leakage through the sides of the ear pad. This forces the sound to target the listener's ear. The contact edge is constructed of highly permeable material to ensure optimal head comfort. The structure is both lightweight and strong, and designed to convey detail and musicality that is on an entirely new level of premium headphone.

HIFIMAN has implemented what they call the "Topology Diaphragm" into the design of the HE-R10D, which refers to a special nano particle coating applied to the surface of the driver. The result is a more natural and detailed sound than what is typically achieved in True Wireless earphones. The idea behind the new Topology Diaphragm was inspired by Dr. Fang Bian's Ph.D. thesis that "different nano materials have differing structures and each of those materials has its own properties." Therefore, by carefully controlling the diaphragm surface structure you can yield different results in acoustic performance to a degree previously unobtainable.

The headphone also houses a 50mm dynamic driver. HIFIMAN also has a planar-magnetic driver variant of the HE-R10, called the HE-R10P. The dynamic driver version features the Typology Diaphragm designed for detailed high frequency response up to 30kHz, and advanced voice coil, along with high sensitivity due to the implementation of a rare earth magnet in the driver design.


The HE-R10D (and HE-R10P) headphone has the option to transmit audio wirelessly. HIFIMAN has developed what they call the BlueMini Bluetooth adapter. The device connects to the underside of the left ear cup, giving you the option to transmit audio via Bluetooth or via USB-C. There is a single pairing button on the BlueMini, a USB-C port, and a status LED. The device itself has enough juice to give your headphones 7-10 hours of battery life, depending on various factors like volume, codec, etc. The BlueMini uses a variety of HD Bluetooth protocols including LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC, and SBC.

Audio transmission with Bluetooth 5.0 is great, especially when using on of the HD audio codecs. Understanding that there is a place and time for Bluetooth and wireless audio can go a long way to ultimately appreciating its value. Lots of times audiophiles can be quick to snap about the inferior fidelity of wireless audio, without realizing that it affords you the opportunity to listen to music untethered, or while doing other things than sitting in a chair. On top of that, HIFIMAN allows music lovers to even disconnect their favorite audiophile headphone for a stroll.

* The BlueMini comes in the package with the HIFIMAN HE-R10D and the HE-R10P headphones.



  • Open vs. Closed: Closed

  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-35kHz

  • Impedance: 32Ω

  • Sensitivity: 103dB

  • Stock Cable: 3.5mm/ 1.5m; XLR balanced/ 3m, ¼" (6.35mm)/ 3m

  • Weight: 337g


  • High sensitivity thanks to HIFIMAN's use of a rare earth magnet

  • Topology diaphragm for detailed high frequency response to 30kHz

  • Advanced voice coil


Wired: Traditional wired 3.5mm input with 3.5mm to 6.35mm connector
Blue Mini(OPTIONAL): Bluetooth
USB: USB DAC via USB-C cable


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • AMP Output in fact: 230mw

  • AMP Output in theory: 1125mw

  • TDH: <0.1% @1W/1KHz

  • SNR: 95dB

  • Battery Life: 7-10 Hours

  • Bluetooth Codecs: LDAC, aptx-HD, aptx, AAC, SBC

  • Transmission: Bluetoon/USB Type-C

  • Weight: 25g

HIFIMAN HE-R10D Closed-Back Dynamic  (W/ Bluetooth Dongle Package) Слушалки

HIFIMAN HE-R10D Closed-Back Dynamic (W/ Bluetooth Dongle Package) Слушалки

2 699,00 лв. В наличност
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