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OWL + USB 3-phase Standard Pack
OWL + USB 3-phase Standard Pack

OWL + USB 3-phase Standard Pack

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An upgrade from the Owl Micro Model the USB Model comes with a brand new track and store feature.

Monitor your electricity usage, produce live and historical charts via your PC via the supplied USB cable and software supplied.

Features of the Owl Plus USB Energy Monitor

- Wireless portable monitor with large LCD Screen

- Real time and accumulated consumption readings

- Six tariff settings with independent start time, cost rate and weekday / weekend selection

- Selectable tariff cost currency (€, £, $)

- Clock, calendar and temperature display

- Alarm functions to alert user when the power exceeds user setting

- PC application allows USB data download for further analysis

- PC graphs include (live usage, history usage and comparitive usage.

What can be viewed on the OWL plus USB CM160 Model LCD Screen

- Cost of current and accumulated electricity

- Power consumption (kW) display

- Current consumption (Amps) display

- Accumulated energy consumption (kWH) display

- Current & accumulated Green house gas (GHG) emission rate display

- Average & Historical displays for all main values

With a superior memory capability, ultra fast download speed, the Owl USB model makes it even easier for you to track and save money.

OWL + USB is the ideal monitor for anyone who wants to be able to see a visible reduction in their consumption and cost of electricity. Appealing to anyone who wants to reduce their household impact on the environment, the use of an OWL+USB is a vital tool in the fight against climate change.

The Owl USB Model comes with standard sensor for attaching to cables up to 10mm in diameter and measuring up to 70A. These work in the vast majority of domestic dwellings.

For three phase dwellings chose between the three phase standard pack if fitting to cables up to 10mm in diameter ot the three phase large sensor pack if fitting to cables between 10 to 17mm.

What's In The Box:

  • 1x Transmitter,
  • 1x Display,
  • 1x Standard Sensor (3 Sensors in Three Phase Packs)
  • 1 x USB lead,
  • 1 x software CD,
  • Batteries
  • User Manual.
OWL + USB 3-phase Standard Pack

OWL + USB 3-phase Standard Pack

185,00 лв. В наличност
Стара цена:
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