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Stewart Director's Choice

Stewart Director's Choice

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Announcing new improvements for Director's Choice  Systems up to 14'in image width! Nicknamed "DC-100", this updated system includes a reduced frame profile all around, allowing for a much larger picture within a given room dimension. Over 10% more image area provides a more immersive viewing experience! Horizontal masking system now fully closes, protecting screen when not in use!
Director’s Choice is the ultimate marriage of the world’s best screen material and the most precise masking system available. Our revolutionary Binary Reciprocal Intelligent Control nicknamed “The BRIC.” allows precision settings of all standard and custom aspect ratios to be set with ease, eliminating the need for multiple controllers. Compatible with most infrared remotes, RS-232, and RS-422 control systems, this unique product reduces programming time to a matter of minutes. Available with any of Stewart’s front or rear projection materials. The exclusive VeLux™ appliqué finish absorbs over-scan and also helps to increase perceived contrast.
The Director’s Choice is easy to tune and operate ensuring a perfectly masked image no matter what the aspect ratio. Never again must you cope with unsightly black bars or image cropping.
Optimize your Director’s Choice with Stewart’s award-winning front or rear projection materials. Microperf X2 is available when acoustic transparency is required (acoustically transparent panels also available upon request).
Stewart’s exclusive VeLux™ black-velvet appliqué gives the Director’s Choice a luxurious look and feel. This specialized frame finish absorbs possible over-scan while boosting perceived contrast
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the same precision quality and perfect picture that is preferred by Film and TV Directors all over the world with the Director’s Choice.
• Variable Aspect Ratio - Variable Height/Variable Width
• Electronically controlled horizontal and vertical masking
• Aluminum extrusion frame finished with VeLux™
• Snap fastening system securely attaches screen to frame
• Choose from a variety of Stewart’s front projection screen materials
• Finest screen masking combination ever developed
• Simple to operate and control
• Used by film & TV directors world wide
• BRIC - The Binary Reciprocal intelligent Control System (more information below)
• Compatible with other IR, RS-232 and RS-422 systems
CUSTOM OPTIONS: (available by factory quotation)
• Rear projection models
• Custom sizes and aspect ratios
• Acoustic perforation on front projection models
• Acoustically transparent masking panels
Horizontal panel drops down from above the image while the other rises from below. Vertical panels glide inward from both the left and right side to mask image.
Stewart Director's Choice

Stewart Director's Choice

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Stewart Director's Choice
Stewart Director's Choice
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