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Stewart Filmscreen AcoustiShade

Stewart Filmscreen AcoustiShade

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An innovative window treatment that blocks ambient light and reduces exterior noise to give you even more control over your interior environment.
"Our conference room at our New York City facility overlooks a very busy and noisy street in the Times Square area of New York City. This conference room situated on the 3rd floor so we are very close to street level noises such as ­ horns, sirens, automobile and trucks. Being an audio visual design firm it is critical that we the very best quality audio and video multimedia conferencing systems. Prior to installing the AcoustiShade product, participates on the far end of our audio and video conferences had a difficult and frustrating experience. After we installed the AcoustiShade from Stewart Filmscreen the benefits were immediately noticeable. The far end experience was greatly improved; our clients and co-workers are amazed at the difference in the audio quality when the AcoustiShade is down. Our meetings are now more productive and less stressful, these shades were truly a cost benefit."
George Meglio, Principal at RTS Unified Communications
Window openings are typically a building’s weakest link between exterior noise and light, and
your interior space. Traditional shading systems control light, but offer no remedy for noise contamination.
In response to this growing concern, Stewart Filmscreen has engineered the unique AcoustiShade system (patents pending). AcoustiShade is designed to both measurably reduce exterior noise entering the room through the window, as well as control incoming light. A second decorative shade fabric, facing the room, offers additional benefit by providing sound absorption for noise generated within the room interior.
Unlike standard black-out shades, AcoustiShade employs a single motor rolling baton system that maintains an acoustically beneficial air space between both inner and outer shade panels. A unique magnetic seal prevents window drafts – and the noise they carry – from flanking the sides of the shade fabric. The combined benefits of reducing heating and air conditioning costs, as well as control over noise pollution, give the AcoustiShade a truly “green” advantage.
Originally designed for higher-end home cinemas, as we become more aware of the adverse effects of noise pollution, the AcoustiShade has quickly found virtually unlimited applications. These include bedrooms, children’s nurseries, and more. AcoustiShade enhances the privacy of business offices with interior windows where confidential conversations might be easily overheard.
Simple to install and easy to operate, AcoustiShade provides a stylish, cost effective solution to soundproofing some of the most difficult parts of your room. Available in a variety of beautiful colors and virtually any custom size, AcoustiShade is the complete shade solution for window areas where noise control is a top priority.
• Quick and simple installation with standard wiring and control options
• Stewart Filmscreen’s patent pending Magnetic Blackout & Attenuation Assist (MBAA) ensures a tight seal on both sides of the shade fabric, preventing outside drafts, noise and light from passing around the shade
• Single motor system (patent pending) elegantly deploys both the sound attenuating black out layer and perforated decorative fabric
• Custom colors and sizes available
• Finished systems available as inside or outside mount design types, as well as a Headbox Pocket System allowing for recessed mounting into a ceiling space
• Stewart engineers will design a system for virtually any application, including open doorways and room dividers
Unwanted noise adversely affects the quality of business meetings, learning environments, home theaters and countless other applications. Many studies reveal a proven link between noise and your overall health. AcoustiShade provides a solution that can greatly reduce exterior noise distractions, providing immediate relief for your particular acoustical issues.
AcoustiShade is a cost-effective alternative to new acoustical windows and many other sound control alternatives. Beautiful decorative fabrics eliminate the need for any additional window treatments. AcoustiShade is the perfect stand-alone window covering system!
Stewart Filmscreen AcoustiShade

Stewart Filmscreen AcoustiShade

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Stewart Filmscreen AcoustiShade
Stewart Filmscreen AcoustiShade
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Stewart Filmscreen

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