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Waterfall Niagara Floor standing Loudspeaker

Waterfall Niagara Floor standing Loudspeaker

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Hand made in France

Timeless and exeptional

Niagara is the culmination of 15 years of experience in the areas of very high technology glass, acoustics and reflects our passion for the exceptional.

A thousand miles from traditional esoteric speakers, Niagara unfolds an extraordinary architecture mixing innovating technologies with the most exclusive materials and careful craftsmanship

Its glass horn tweeter, a master piece on its own, defies cutting and assembly techniques and is a piece of Art of its own. Niagara is designed and manufactured in France in pure French luxury tradition, famous the world over. You can look around anywhere, there is nothing like Niagara.

Ultimate Performance

The two technologies: LDS (Low diffraction surrounding) and FWI (Force Without Inductance) which are applied in all our Atohm drivers tend to reach a sonic reproduction without distortion. Niagara explores all music registers very naturally and effortlessly.

Conception horns norme

« Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail ».

Leonard De Vinci

Together with our tapered design base part, carved from a single block of aluminium, and some technical parts covered by individually stitched Nappa leather, as featured on the most beautiful cars, the same feeling of luxury will emanate anywhere you will look. Every detail has an exceptional character, you can feel it all over, from extra-large connectors to specific crossovers or careful wiring process. This is our quest for perfection.

Low Frequencies

Look at them and… vibrate

Our exceptional 21 cm infra low frequency driver, is visible in the bottom center of the solid aluminium base. Its movement in harmony and rhythm with your bass is a real spectacle and it provides a great feeling as it explores and delivers very low frequencies.


Glass Horn tweeter, 10 mm / 0,39” glass cut pieces
Safety glass, for residential and commercial use (indoor)
Ultimate luxury and timeless design
Top of our range
Exceptional materials: 10mm / 0,39” platinum glass, solid aluminum and Nappa Leather.
Flexible to all music types and programs
Very powerful low frequency, 21 cm / 8” passive driver located at the base


Exceptional speaker to be associated to esoteric electronics
Home cinema front or rear speakers associated to the Waterfall range of speakers and
HF2-250 or HF3-500 subwoofer
Suitable for rooms 25 to 60 m² / 270 to 650 ft²

Waterfall Niagara Floor standing Loudspeaker

Waterfall Niagara Floor standing Loudspeaker

49 990,00 лв. В магазина
Стара цена:
В магазина
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