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McIntosh Laboratories

McIntosh MC2301
With 300 Watts available at 8, 4 or 2 ohms, the MC2301 provides high power to drive even the ...
27 500,00 лв.
McIntosh XR100
XR100 floor standing loudspeaker is sleek and contemporary in appearance while producing full range audio ...
10 900,00 лв.
McIntosh MC1.2KW
The most powerful single chassis McIntosh Monaural amplifier, MC1.2KW produces a massive 1,200 watts. The ...
27 900,00 лв.
McIntosh MT 5
The McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable is a complete turntable package that is more than the sum of its parts. ...
15 500,00 лв.
McIntosh MEN220
Delivers a potent suite of Room Correction, Custom-EQ and 2-Way Crossover capabilities in one easy-to-use stereo ...
11 990,00 лв.
McIntosh MC275
An object of desire cherished by music lovers around the world, the MC275 was designed and engineered in 1961 by ...
12 990,00 лв.
McIntosh WS350
The key to its performance lies in the unique deep drawn aluminum back enclosure that houses the driver array. This ...
4 790,00 лв.
McIntosh LCR80
LCR80 is a flexible speaker design that can be placed in horizontal, vertical or shelf mounted orientations. ...
5 490,00 лв.
McIntosh XR50
XR50 is a cleverly engineered compact bookshelf speaker that produces the rich, full sound one would expect from ...
4 390,00 лв.
McIntosh MC8207
MC8207 is a 7 channel amplifier designed to power the finest home theater systems. Seven channels may be used in ...
13 900,00 лв.
McIntosh MC303
Premium cosmetics featuring a ½” thick glass faceplate, custom machined and anodized aluminum ...
24 990,00 лв.
Грамофон McIntosh MT10
With tracking force, anti-skate and cartridge position preset at the factory, the McIntosh MT10 Precision Turntable ...
23 990,00 лв.
Грамофон McIntosh MT2
The McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable combines the latest in turntable technology and design to deliver both superb ...
9 900,00 лв.
Грамофон McIntosh MTI100
At first glance, the McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable may look like it’s just a turntable, but a closer ...
13 990,00 лв.
McIntosh MHA150 Headphone Amplifier
Headphone Output Specifications The MHA150 Headphone Amplifier is a worthy successor to the critically-acclaimed ...
10 990,00 лв.
McIntosh  RS200 Wireless Loudspeaker System
- 2 001,00 лв.
Apple AirPlay 2; Bluetooth; DTS Play-Fi; DLNA; Works With Alexa Qualcomm aptX HD and Low Latency ...
4 499,00 лв.6 500,00 лв.
McIntosh MHA200 Headphone Amplifier
Treat Your Headphones to McIntosh Vacuum Tube Amplification. The MHA200 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier is designed ...
5 500,00 лв.
McIntosh MCD85
Disc Formats: SACD, CD, CD-R/RW and DVD-R; popular file formats such as AAC, AIFF, ALAC, DSD (up to DSD128), FLAC, ...
9 900,00 лв.
Моноблокът MC2KW е проектиран така, че да надхвърли и най-високите изисквания за мощ, достигайки 2000w, при 2, 4 ...
89 000,00 лв.
Mcintosh MC901
McIntosh has been perfecting vacuum tube amplifiers since the 1940s and solid state amplifiers since the 1960s. Our ...
39 000,00 лв.
Mcintosh MC830
The MC830 is a 1-Channel Solid State Amplifier that features an open chassis industrial design similar to our ...
8 900,00 лв.
Mcintosh MI128
The versatile MI128 8-Channel Digital Amplifier can be used in many applications ranging from distributed audio to ...
7 900,00 лв.
Mcintosh MI254
The MI254 4-Channel Digital Amplifier is a versatile multi-channel amplifier ideal for use in distributed audio, ...
9 900,00 лв.
Mcintosh MI347
Edge-Of-Your-Seat Audio Experience The MI347 7-Channel Digital Amplifier is a dedicated home theater amplifier that ...
10 990,00 лв.
McIntosh MA12000
The fully loaded, hybrid MA12000 Integrated Amplifier is a product of uncompromising audio engineering and expert ...
30 900,00 лв.
McIntosh MA9000
The MA9000 Integrated Amplifier can help you achieve audio perfection. Our largest integrated in both size and ...
23 990,00 лв.
McIntosh MA5300
The MA5300 Integrated Amplifier is proof that big sound can come in small packages. It is our smallest solid state ...
11 900,00 лв.
McIntosh MA352
The MA352 Integrated Amplifier is a hybrid design that combines the finest of vacuum tube and solid state audio ...
13 990,00 лв.
McIntosh MA252
The MA252 Integrated Amplifier is the first hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh. Taking retro design cues ...
8 900,00 лв.
McIntosh MAC7200
Stereophile Recommended Component 2021 With 200 Watts per channel, 14 inputs and a high-performance AM/FM tuner, ...
16 500,00 лв.
McIntosh MHA50
Listen to your music with McIntosh sound quality no matter where you go. Your headphones will thank you. Nearly ...
1 490,00 лв.
McIntosh MC462
Stereophile Recommended Component 2021 Winner: 2021 Sound + Image Award Experience stereo bliss with the MC462 ...
19 900,00 лв.

McIntosh Laboratories

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