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Smanos RFID Tag PR2600
The RFID tags utilize an induced antenna coil voltage for operation. The memory chip on the RFID card contains a ...
19,00 лв.
Smanos Паник бутон PB1000
With cutting-edge design and elegant appearance, it is easy to carry and use. This SOS button can be used together ...
39,00 лв.
Smanos Wireless Remote Control RE2300
RE2300 remote control is dainty and delicate, easy to carry. It can be attached to your key ring, or just put into ...
59,00 лв.
Smanos Mini Strobe Siren SS1005
The SS1005 is a compact siren with wall plug-in design and can work with smanos alarm systems as an additional ...
69,00 лв.
Smanos Smoke Alarm SMK-500
This photoelectric detector is designed to give early warnings of a developing fire by sounding its built-in siren ...
79,00 лв.
Изчерпана наличност
Smanos Wireless RFID Keypad WK7000
Набирайки кода си на smanos WK 7000- можете бързо да включете или изключите вашата smanos алармена система. The ...
99,00 лв.
Smanos Wi-Fi/PSTN Alarm System W100
Enter your password on the keypad and easily turn your smanos alarm system on or off. The WK8000 is waterproof and ...
119,00 лв.


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